Aerobic On-Site Sewage Facilitie (OSSF) Installation

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An aerobic system is required by TCEQ when the soil is very dense (i.e. lots of clay - east Texas red mud).


Almost all of Nacogdoches County soils are high in clay and do not drain very well. That is the main reason why so many old style field-line conventional systems eventually fail and have to be replaced.


The JET systems Reliable Wastewater installs have two tanks: (1) 750 gallon tank that is divided into 2 sections and (1) 500 gallon clarifying or sprinkler tank.


Here is a list of some of the other components to an aerobic system: control panel which supplies electricity to the system and operates the aerator and sprinkler pump; a JET 750 Aerator, BAT Media, chlorinator tube, submersed sprinkler pump with floats, sprinkler heads. etc.


SOIL TYPE - The installation of an aerobic system is not dependent on soil type.


SITE EVALUATION - Reliable Wastewater will evaluate your property for slope, space, terrain, run-off into streams, lakes, ground water, etc. and make a determination to what will best fit your situation.


DESIGN & PERMITTING - Reliable Wastewater will design the system and handle the permitting. If the property is over 10 acres, the system will not need to be permitted in Nacogdoches County. We will also make the contacts for locating utilities near where we will be digging.


SCHEDULING - Will vary at certain times of the year based on rain or the number of systems we have scheduled. Ideally, from start to finish should be roughly 4-6 weeks.


INSTALLATION - Usually, lasts 2-3 days depending on the weather. One day to dig, set tanks and start on the wiring and plumbing. Day two to tidy up and finish the wiring and  plumbing to the system.


SERVICE - All new installs have a two year service contact. We come out 3 times per year to inspect the system. Parts and labor are extra.