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A conventional system is usually a single tank where household sewage accumulates. The lighter water rises to the top and is drained by underground field lines or gravel pit. The State of Texas has many restrictions for the installation of new conventional systems; there are very few soil types that can support a conventional system, especially in East Texas.


SOIL TYPE - The installation of a traditional conventional system IS dependent on soil type in Texas.


SITE EVALUATION - Reliable Wastewater will evaluate your property for slope, space, terrain, run-off into streams, lakes, ground water, etc. and make a determination to what will best fit your situation.


DESIGN & PERMITTING - Reliable Wastewater will design the system and handle the permitting. If the property is over 10 acres, the system will not need to be permitted in Nacogdoches County. We will also make the contacts for locating utilities near where we will be digging.


SCHEDULING - Will vary at certain times of the year based on rain or the number of systems we have scheduled. Ideally, from start to finish should be roughly 4-6 weeks.


INSTALLATION - Usually, lasts 1-2 days depending on the weather.