Mobile Restroom Trailers

Rental Prices start at $1350. Pricing varies based on delivery/pick distance/date, availability of water and electrical connections, length of time needed, usage, etc.   All restroom trailers have radio, heating, air conditioning, and lighting.

Ultralav Silver Luxury Restroom (18' Trailer)

Lav White Luxury Restroom (15' Trailer) Exterior Shown above

  • 2 Women's stalls + 2 Sinks

  • 1 Men's Stall + 2 Urinals + 2 Sinks

  • 2 Individual Woman's Stalls each with a sink

  • 1 Man Stall + 1 Urinal with sink

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Mobile Restroom Women's Stall Mobile restroom, Lav White Luxury Mobile Restroom Men's Restroom

Men's Ultra Silver Interior

Lav White Exterior

Lav White Women's Interior