About Reliable Wastewater

Reliable Wastewater operated by the Dillon family has been serving east Texas since 1968. As a family owned company we pride ourselves in our commitment to provide quality services, equipment, and helpful advice.


We have a consultative approach to best determine your needs. We listen to our customers to find the best possible solution to each individual situation. Whether you need a new system or have your existing system serviced, we will find the most cost effective and best solution to your issue. We know it is important for you to have dependable, reliable, quality services and products.


As a member of the NSF, National Sanitation Foundation, you can be assured that our products meet strict standards for public health protection.


We also pride ourselves in offering Jet Inc. products. To learn more about us, call today.

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Certified Texas Department of Health Services as a Professional Sanitarian

Licensed by Texas Commission of Environmental Quality:

          OSSF Site Evaluator

          OSSF Maintenance Provider

          Class II OSSF Installer

Franklin Timer Certified Contractor


Relaible Wastewaster 1985